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Examples of “fret”

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

However, earlier instruments with the same name might well have had movable frets that provided for the production of microtones.
He fretted over their illnesses, and thought seriously about and invested in their future.
Physicians fretted over how to secure those limits, given the possibility of fraudulent claims and deceptive practices in experiments, demonstrations, and the like.
She fretted over her inability to withstand open scrutiny from the sophisticates she imagined would people her audience.
The upper band has step frets, followed by one with tassels, then another with variable designs.
The use of frets improves the transparency of the instrument by making it more apparent which finger positions will produce which notes.
However, guitarists have found ways to regain this expressivity that would not be possible without the frets.
However, it also incorporates components of a convergent mapping through the inclusion of frets.
To place notes between the extremes and the mean, a monochord was fabricated and a canon was fixed, below the string, marked with frets in the manner of a guitar.
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The videotapes of each infant's behaviors were coded reliably for the frequency of motor activity (movement of the limbs and arching of the back), fretting, and crying.
As an aside, one variation for the guitar, suggested by this comparison to the violin, would be to remove the frets after the player has learned the correct note positions.
Policy-makers should stop fretting about unemployment and the provision of welfare state safety nets and should concentrate on doing whatever was necessary to achieve inflation free economic growth.
The long, thin neck suggests the possibility of tracking hand motions while fingering the Gris Adulte W Nmd Baskets Adidas 363 R1 Pk Chin Noir Mixte fret board.

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